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Capturing the Essence of Your Family in an Artistic Wall Portrait By Kristal Pettit Sitting for a family portrait is not at the top of everyone’s list in terms of having a good time. A truly gifted portrait photographer, however, can make that awkward feeling melt away. Even if you’re attempting the impossible, like a sitting with a teenager or wayward puppy, Vincent, of Vincent Pearson Photography, has the magical demeanor to set everyone at ease. Seeing you happily through the portrait session is only one of Vincent’s gifts. Capturing the essence of your family in heart warming, artistic portraits is another. Vincent explains, “It’s an honor and a privilege to be a portrait photographer.” He believes nothing is more valuable or more personal than family and that his job is to capture a moment in time that preserves your history, tells your story, and creates a family memory to give you a lifetime of pleasure. Following the portraiture sitting, Vincent takes the time to review the collection of photos with you and your family. Vincent is able to point out specific characteristics of the portraits from an artist’s perspective. Of course your focus is on whether you’re making that face that makes you look just like your mother, but Vincent can direct your attention to how the lighting creates a unique tone to the picture or how other elements in the picture create movement or direct the viewer’s eye in a particular way. Under Vincent’s direction, you gain a new appreciation for the portrait as art. Displayed above your mantel, in a collection in a hallway or in your office, your memories will live as portrait art forever. Vincent enjoys exploring different formats within the portraiture genre. He has created collages, which are collections of three to five images in single framed art pieces, and montages, unique combinations of black and white images within one portrait. Vincent’s art fusion panel blends the edges of the images into one seamless artistic masterpiece. Vincent has photo journalism credentials with this magazine as well as with Solon Life and Inside Westlake magazines. In fact, the family portrait of Dr. John and Jeanette Livingston with their children which graces this issue’s cover was produced by Vincent. The Livingstons could choose any one of the family portraits Vincent created and have Vincent turn it into a set of holiday greeting cards or stationery celebrating any event in their family life. Vincent also produces Signature Albums which are individually designed to match the mood, style and tone of your images. The Livingston family could collect multiple portraits from their sitting and have them printed on rich UV-coated, mounted pages in an Italian leather bound volume which would certainly become a family heirloom. Vincent will gladly answer any questions you might have about his portrait art and his process. His creative time is valuable but Vincent believes that understanding and getting to know one another creates the best atmosphere for portrait art to occur. He looks forward to capturing your family’s legacy in a wall portrait to enjoy in perpetuity. Vincent Pearson Photography 216.385.5452


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