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San Diego Taco Factory: Everything Scratch-Made, From the Ground Up By Meg Pauken “If you build it, they will come,” might well be the mantra of Kevin Spring, founder of San Diego Taco Factory in Aurora. San Diego Taco Factory is a recent addition to the local restaurant scene and has already developed a loyal, cult-like following. Kevin, a classically trained chef, relocated to northeast Ohio from California not long ago. He quickly discovered a hole in the regional restaurant offerings: fresh, scratch-made Mexican food like you would find in southern California. He wisely figured he couldn’t be the only person who wanted it, so he set out to create it himself. Kevin drew on his experience as a head chef and caterer to develop the menu and build out the space. When he began to hire staff, he discovered another hole in the local market. “Most of the cooks I interviewed had almost no experience with scratch cooking. We do not use any sauce mixes or bottled marinades. Everything - except the olives and the ketchup (for the kids) - is made from scratch, in house. I couldn’t find cooks who knew the basics of meat cutting or sauce preparation,” he explains. Instead of compromising quality or simply giving up, Kevin started his own mini-culinary school. He found students who had a passion for cooking, hired them, and gave them a chef’s textbook. “I told them: ‘Welcome to chef school’,” Kevin says with a laugh. “I am really proud of how far they have come in five months. It is hard work.” Kevin has taught them more than just cooking skills. He has instilled in them his philosophy of the restaurant business: “You are only as good as the last plate you served. Quality is the number one concern.” And it shows in every meal that is turned out. Whatever menu item you choose – and there are many, many to choose from – you will taste the unique quality and freshness from the very first bite. Each entree is made to order, from ingredients prepared fresh that day. Meats are cut, pounded, and marinated, waiting to be cooked only when ordered. Vegetables are cut fresh throughout the day. Marinades and sauces are created from Kevin’s own recipes, as are the cremas and salsas. In addition to familiar Mexican style tacos, incorporating the customer’s choice of wrapper, protein, veggies, salsas, and toppings, San Diego Taco Factory offers a selection of International tacos. These recipes feature authentic sauces and flavorings, created from recipes Kevin picked up during his travels. You can experience flavors from India, Brazil, and Southeast Asia in these unusual offerings. “We have developed a really loyal following since we opened,” Kevin says. “One customer who moved here from L.A. 20 years ago actually started crying. She said, ‘It tastes like home.’ That’s why we do it.” Come to San Diego Taco Factory and taste what everyone is talking about! San Diego Taco Factory is located at 7147 Aurora Road. You can view the entire menu on the website at The San Diego Taco Factory 7147 Aurora Road 330.995.0191


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