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Greeting Cleveland’s Travelers in Top-Flight Style

As Cleveland’s status as an economically thriving metropolis grows, certain industries and service providers are necessary to meet the expanding needs of a successful metropolitan area. Convenient access to and from other cities will be critical to our development and prosperity. Cleveland Jet Center is poised to accept that responsibility.


Located at the Cuyahoga County Airport, only 11 miles from downtown Cleveland, the Cleveland Jet Center is owned by local business owner and experienced traveler, Mark Hanna. In the four years since Hanna took over the company it has spent $2.5 million dollars on improvements. General manager, Aaron Thayer, notes that the Cleveland Jet Center is not as well known as it deserves to be. "People often express surprise because they didn't realize what was here, so close to home," he says.


The company recently renovated their terminal to provide a luxury alternative for pilots and travelers. In addition to the enhanced terminal, the facility offers a variety of services including fuel, ground handling services, on-site meeting rooms, pilot lounges, rental cars, and on-site concierge services.


The existence of the Cleveland Jet Center is not likely to remain confidential for long, given the role it played during the Republican National Convention. They were prepared for the challenges of the RNC and proudly represented Cleveland as a destination. They hosted more than 500 aircraft during the four day event. “The unprecedented demand of new and frequent clients presented a unique opportunity to demonstrate our responsiveness and commitment to the needs of our customers," Thayer notes.


The Cleveland Jet Center has also worked to develop its customer service. “We want to make an exceptional first impression,” Thayer explains, “but we believe in delivering an unparalleled service experience every time."


“There are too many people traveling to and from Cleveland who simply don’t know about the Cleveland Jet Center and the advantages inherent in private air travel compared to flying in and out of Hopkins,” says Thayer. “We don’t want to be the best kept secret in Cleveland any longer.”


To explore the conveniences of private travel options, including ride sharing, extreme flexibility and the value of time saved, call or visit the Cleveland Jet Center. They are poised to make the travel experience for local residents and Cleveland’s visitors both pleasurable and satisfying.


The Cleveland Jet Center

Cuyahoga County Airport

26380 Curtiss Wright Parkway, Richmond Heights





Business On The Fly – Expert Advice from Mark Hanna, owner of The Cleveland Jet Center


Mark Hanna knows a thing or two about corporate travel. As an Eastside resident for the past 30+ years, having bought and sold a couple businesses, Mark has first-hand experience with both the cost and value of corporate aviation in the Cleveland market. Mark was kind enough to offer some insight and a few tips for those Eastside residents contemplating business travel options.


1.)  It’s Not an “Either/Or” Scenario

Over the course of my career, I have logged a lot of hours on both commercial and private aircraft. I have found that having both options vetted and available is the best course. When I am able to schedule a trip in advance, I usually fly commercially. However, when a need to respond immediately presents itself, there is no better option that a corporate or charter aircraft. Business often happens on the fly – no pun intended – so being able to respond to an opportunity or a crisis in an expedient manner is an invaluable business tool.

Consider the Cost.


2.)    Many businessmen and businesswomen believe corporate travel is too expensive without ever doing the research. Knowing the cost and value of this option in advance prepares you to make the decision in a moment’s notice. But don’t go the impersonal route of getting quotes by emailing companies. That will get you expensive, retail rates. Local operators like Sky Quest, which has aircraft based at our facility, can offer access to international destinations, departing from Cuyahoga County Airport (KCGF) with very little up-front cost and no long-term contracts. Our team, led by our manager Aaron Thayer, can be a resource to answer questions or point you in the right direction.

The Juice Is Worth the Squeeze.


3.)    Companies invest in new technology, upgrades, R&D, etc. Adding ‘time-travel’ may turn out to be a worthy budget item. Avoiding time-wasting lines and delays at airports over multiple legs and planning around an airline’s schedule are just a few reasons to consider corporate travel.


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