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Clean Water for the Health of Your Home and Family

Water systems are an integral part of your home. From your family’s drinking water to the health of your plumbing fixtures and appliances, clean, clear water is essential.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company that has serviced Northeast Ohio for more than four decades. Its comprehensive water services and club memberships will ensure that all of your home’s water utilities are functioning beautifully for your long-planned holiday gatherings.


“Preventive maintenance becomes key to having equipment function properly,” explains Leona Kratochvil, who owns the company with her husband, Dennis. “We receive a lot of calls from customers who say that all of a sudden the system doesn’t work. It’s 11 o’clock at night, they have no running water, the system hasn’t been serviced in six years, and ‘Why didn’t I do something sooner?’”


For all of your home’s plumbing needs, there’s the Ben Franklin Society Membership, which includes a comprehensive yearly inspection of all your plumbing fixtures to catch small leaks before they become big problems. Also included is a 14-point precision tune-up of your water heater to make sure those nice, hot showers last well through the winter. “A lot of people don’t think anything of a faucet that’s slightly dripping or a toilet that’s running from time to time,” says Tom Golian, general manager of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. “But that’s using extra water constantly.” All club memberships include 15 percent discounts on repairs and 10 percent discounts on replacement equipment.


Preventative maintenance includes checking for scale on your shower heads and faucets, or iron stains. Eric Dunlap, plumbing operations manager at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, stresses the importance of water treatments to deal with contaminants which cause damage to plumbing and appliances and could even affect your family’s health. “Water treatments can remove minerals and other impurities from your water systems,” Eric explains. “Reverse osmosis filters will take care of lead and some forms of arsenic which you may not even be aware exist in your city’s water supply.” Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is running a year end special through tax day on water treatments. Extend the life of your plumbing and water-using appliances and make sure your water is the safest possible for drinking.


With Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, it’s all about you: your time, your security, and your choices. Although these plumbers emphasize their speed, efficiency, and punctuality, no quality is ever sacrificed in the process. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied with their installations and service-repair jobs — if you are not, they will give you a full refund, and if a repair fails within two years, they will return to repair it again for free. Call 440.543.1151 to schedule an appointment, and ask about the veterans discount. Visit for more information and to find coupons for a variety of services. When their technicians show up, you’ll see why more than 98 percent of first-time customers return to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for all their future plumbing needs.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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