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Don’t Let Foot Pain Stop You in Your Tracks By Meg Pauken The human body was built for movement. Foot pain might bring you to a halt, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent situation. Atrium Foot Specialists, Drs. Nyssa Christie and Michael Singerman, work with athletes and non-athletes alike to resolve foot problems and get their clients moving again. Dr. Christie, a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery (DPM), enjoys working with patients who are athletes or otherwise active people, but who are experiencing foot and ankle pain that is slowing them down. “We see a lot of repetitive motion injuries in runners, along with toenail problems, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis and stress fractures,” she says. “These patients are happy to get back to being active.” Typically, these conditions can be improved or completely resolved, often without surgery, so that full physical activity can resume without pain. It is better to seek treatment soon after a problem develops, rather than waiting. According to Dr. Christie, if a painful foot condition lingers for more than three days, it is best to seek treatment from a podiatrist. Both Dr. Christie and Dr. Singerman are affiliated with the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, so they can accept patients from either system. Although they are affiliated with both hospital systems from a referral and insurance perspective, they operate completely independently, which allows them to spend as much time as needed with each patient, providing very personalized care. The philosophy at Atrium Foot Specialists is to empower patients by encouraging active participation in treatment plans and educating them about prevention and proper foot care. According to Dr. Christie, “We consult with our patients and recommend appropriate shoes and sandals to prevent the recurrence of foot problems. We will recommend particular brands and styles of shoes to address their specific conditions and lifestyle. Not many other podiatrists do that.” In addition, Drs. Christie and Singerman will also create molds for custom orthotics to realign their patients’ feet and correct biomechanical issues. “Orthotics can correct a lot of problems,” notes Dr. Christie. As a full service podiatric practice, Atrium Foot Specialists also works with older and diabetic patients. Dr. Singerman and Dr. Christie maintain close relationships with their diabetic and geriatric patients: “For this population, remaining active is especially important, and foot pain can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.” Keeping patients mobile helps them stay healthier overall. As people age, balance becomes an issue that is affected by both foot discomfort and loss of sensation caused by neuropathy. Neuropathy, a common complication of diabetes, can lead to serious infections because patients do not realize they have injured their feet until after the injury has progressed. It is important for diabetics to have regular foot examinations. Atrium Foot Specialists is located at 23250 Mercantile Road, Suite 120, in Beachwood. The office is fully handicap accessible, with plenty of parking. Telephone number: 216.591.1600. Pain-free feet are essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Call Atrium Foot Specialists today and get back on your feet! Atrium Foot Specialists 23250 Mercantile Road, Suite 120 Beachwood 216.591.1600


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