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Fine Lifestyles is pleased to feature the best of the best in home technology professionals for everyone trying to determine how to make their home smarter. For all of the film fanatics fantasizing about a home theater; for the audiophiles looking to fill their homes with music; and for anyone dreaming of adding technology in their homes to make their lives easier and more enjoyable - Xtend Technologies are the professionals with the answers.

Xtend Technologies has been preparing for this high-tech revolution since its inception in 2001. Specializing in home theater, home automation, distributed audio, high-end 2-channel stereo, IT solutions, networking, and basically, all things audio/video, Xtend Technologies has built a showroom to facilitate explaining the answers to consumers’ technology questions.

Owners Tony and Nick Fabrick invite you to their modern 6,500 square foot showroom to experience a demonstration. “Our showroom is designed with hands-on demonstration in mind. For us it’s about presenting people all the options at all price points,” Tony illustrates. “We built a home within our showroom to showcase all the home automation products.” Everything you could think to integrate into the home they have on display in working order so they can demonstrate the products’ capabilities and features. “Other stores can tell people what the products can do. The demonstration really sets us apart,” Tony explains. “Our showroom is actually made up of twelve different showrooms, each configured as a comfortable room in one’s home,” he says. “Our staff is trained to demonstrate all the latest technologies so you can see exactly how home automation would work in your own home and how it could positively impact your daily life.”

Home automation encompasses a wide variety of technology to address different aspects of your home life. For example, video equipment, projectors, screens and televisions can be integrated throughout your home. Television screens can be installed above fireplace mantles, imbedded in the master bath mirrors, and even incorporated in an outdoor entertainment space. Motorized shades and lighting control systems can eliminate the challenge of accessing especially hard-to-reach switches and cords. Many systems can be controlled remotely, so if you aren’t home you can still switch lights on as it’s getting dark, and close your shades at the same time. Monitoring your security and surveillance systems, door locks, and climate control systems is just as easy to do remotely, instilling a true sense of security and peace of mind.

Music lovers are invited to experience dedicated 2-channel sound systems in the showroom. Exploring all the options is easier when the demonstration of the sound system is hands-on. “Audiophiles will also enjoy exploring the distributed audio systems,” Tony says. “We’ve installed systems to demonstrate how you can enjoy music anywhere in your house. We can show you the different apps available for your devices which control the audio system.” Each showroom is designed to showcase the various technology products and their capabilities.  Listen to a high-end pair of speakers, amplifiers, or preamps. Xtend Technologies can help audiophiles build a listening room at home, for the ultimate aural enjoyment. This may not cost as much as you think. Tony offers that “the brands we carry are high quality. Even at a lower price point, we make sure their quality meets our exacting standards.” Actually experiencing the equipment in a home-like setting makes reviewing all of your options infinitely easier than reading the tech blogs online.

Home theaters are a very popular a way for friends and family to enjoy video media in all of its forms. Whether you’re remodeling an existing room or working with a builder to add a theater to your home, Xtend Technologies provides the perfect opportunity to experience the products and equipment in a home theater setting. The staff have the answers to questions you haven’t even considered yet regarding room size, seating options, wall sound treatment solutions, as just a few examples. A new sound format called Dolby ATMOS is a 3D object oriented sound format that can be heard in their showroom to truly appreciate its three-dimensional surround sound.

Tony especially enjoys being able to sit down with a client and their architectural plans before a new build begins. “It’s critical if you’re building a custom home, to discuss the possibilities for integrating technology early on,” Tony explains. “That’s the best time to make installation and distribution of technology throughout the home seamless.” Even if you are just remodeling, bring your plans to the showroom and find out how technology can be incorporated into the new plans to make the most of your living space. If you aren’t involved in a new build or remodel, don’t worry, plenty of options remain for integrating technology systems into your present space. They may present a few more challenges, but it doesn’t mean they can’t be done.

Before taking the short ride down I-77 to the showroom, Tony recommends that you establish a budget for the project you have in mind, whether it’s a home automation system, a home theater, or a new audio sound system. “Just because you give us a number, doesn’t mean we’re going to spend all your money,” Tony promises. “We’re here to provide you value for your budget, which means finding the appropriate products for your project. We have many products from many different vendors, so we can find something right for you and right for your wallet.”

Xtend Technologies has received high praise from customer reviews with respect to their process, professionalism, and product quality. Check out reviews and their recent projects on for ideas for your home technology upgrade.

Xtend Technologies is waiting to show you the audio/video technology you’ve been looking for. The showroom is open Tuesday through Friday from 10-7 and Saturday 10-4, open by appointment on Mondays.


Xtend Technologies

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